Our History:
oyal Rugby Boot Company is a rugby specific boot company. The company was started by a rugby player and coach who was looking for a firm ground cleat designed for rugby. He was disappointed that there was no such company. Fueled with the passion of rugby and the support of his players the Royal Rugby Boot Company was formed.
Our Promise:
We believe rugby players are interested in quality products developed by rugby players for rugby. Royal Rugby stands behind every pair of boots we design and sell. This is a true rugby company that seeks to support the continued growth of the greatest sport in the world. We believe that having the right pair of boots is the first step to success for any rugby player.
Giving Back:
Changing the world of rugby one pair of boots at a time”
Did you know that rugby players all around the world play without boots or footwear? We plan to change that!
We donate boots to people and organizations that need help. Learn more
What we do:

We do nothing but design, develop, and sell rugby boots. These boots have been designed to withstand anything you can put in their path. Tested and developed by rugby players. If you are looking for a pair of rugby boots you have found the right company! We have many styles to choose from. If you want a classic style boot or a new age bright color cleat we have it. The Royal Rugby boot company looks forward to seeing you on the rugby pitch.